Hybrid Control of Autonomous Systems

HYCAS 2009 - 1st International Workshop on
Hybrid Control of Autonomous Systems
Integrating Learning, Deliberation and Reactive Control

Call for Papers

The call for papers can be downloaded as a PDF file here.

Workshop Objectives

High-level control for Autonomous Systems (e.g. robots) is concerned with selecting the next action the system should perform. Known paradigms for this action selection problem are learning, deliberation, reactive control schemes or combinations of these, i.e. hybrid approaches.
Most of the research on robot learning is related to learning certain basic behaviours or skills. Examples where the high-level control strategy of robots (or other agents) was successfully learned are rare. The deliberative approach for decision making for autonomous systems was successfully treated in Artificial Intelligence research, following a top-down approach, which has severe limitations in real applications. In the reactive control paradigm the idea is that with a combination of purely reactive action selection schemes, intelligent and goal-directed behaviours emerge, which can be seen as a bottom-up approach.
These different paradigms have been known for over two decades, and in today's applications often combinations of learning, deliberation, and reactive control are used. Usually these combinations are used in an ad-hoc or even unconscious fashion. Although there is a number of proposed architectures and huge body of literature, the issue of combining learning, reactive and deliberative control never has been intensively investigated.
With this workshop we wish to bring together researchers from different areas who concentrate on combinations of learning, planning, and/or reactive schemes for decision making and the control of autonomous systems. The workshop is open to all members of the AI and Robotics community. We would specifically like to encourage students to participate.

Relevant Topics

Papers are invited on all aspects of hybrid methods for the control of autonomous systems, including, but not limited to:
Authors of selected articles will be invited to submit an extended version of their workshop paper to a special issue of an international journal on robotics and automation.

Submission Dates

The paper submission deadline is on April 5 2009 at 23:59 UTC (GMT).

Paper format

Please see the authors' section for formatting instructions.

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